Thursday, November 15, 2007

DhammaTube for Dhamma Friends

This is a set of 3 video series of Ven. Gunankaro Dhamma Talk on Burma uprising in September 2007.

Ven. Gunankaro Dhamma Talk on Burma 1.

Ven. Gunankaro Dhamma Talk on Burma 2.

Ven. Gunankaro Dhamma Talk on Burma 3.

DhammaTube for Myanmar Dhamma Friends

Ven. Cattamalo Dhamma Talk on Burma uprising September 2007.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Different Types of Buddhism

Good Questions Good Answers
by Ven. S. Dhamika

Why are there so many different types of Buddhism?

There are many different types of sugar: brown sugar, white sugar, rock sugar, syrup and icing sugar but it is all sugar and it all tastes sweet. It is produced in different forms so that it can be used in different ways. Buddhism is the same: there is Theravada Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Pure Land Buddhism, Yogacara Buddhism and Vajrayana Buddhism but it is all Buddhism and it all has the same taste - the taste of freedom. Buddhism has evolved into different forms so that it can be relevant to the different cultures in which it exists. It has been reinterpreted over the centuries so that it can remain relevant to each new generation. Outwardly, the types of Buddhism may seem very different but at the centre of all of them is the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. All major religions, Buddhism included, have split into schools and sects. But the different sects of Buddhism have never gone to war with each other and to this day, they go to each other's temples and worship together. Such tolerance and understanding is certainly rare.

Volunteering and Merits

It's been a pleasure that we have many activities at Azusa Kyaung.
Whoever said whatever, we do the right things to get merits.
We are all volunteers and never get paid. But we got merits from our father Lord Buddha.